Free MP3

Each month during 2017, we will be offering a different free mp3. Click on the links to listen, or right click to download song.

  • April - From our 1989 Webco album, Through the Window (re-released on Copper Creek Records 2001) :

    I'm on the Borderline

  • March - This is a live version of Westbound Amtrack from a 2014 performance at Waterford, Virginia. This song written by Eldred Hill, and is included on our 2010 Album, Not a Day Goes By:

    Westbound Amtrack

  • February - This is a fiddle tune from our 1983 Saturday Night & Sunday Morning Album on Outlet Records. Say Old Man features Mike Hartnett on fiddle.

    Say Old Man

  • January - This song is from our 1985 Flying Fish Album, Troubles and Trials. Don't Make Me a Stranger was written by our good friend Mike Henderson, and was recorded at Bias Studio, Springfield, Virginia:

    Don't Make Me a Stranger